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High School Graduation comes FAST, so be sure to BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT EARLY to make sure that you reserve your spot with me!

I book 2-3 months out, especially during busy months like April-September!  Wall portraits, canvases and collages, gorgeous custom designed albums and announcements, & of COURSE social media photos……these are all #musthaves and can be customized specifically for you.

Most clients invest a minimum of $500 for their Senior Experience and collections, payment plans are available.

This Senior Portrait Experience is way more than “just pics” so make sure you check these links for ALL the inside info on the entire process!


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General Inquiries

Answers to a few questions that you may have........

How do I book a shoot?

All of the information regarding pricing and details can be found on this site, but if you have any questions before booking, EMAIL ME or call 951-259-7615 & I can send you all the necessary information regarding sessions. Once you decide, I’ll email a contract to sign digitally (Seniors, your parents need to sign).  Deposit is also taken care of online via credit card on this website.  {if you would like to make payment arrangements in cash or check, just let me know}

*Additional travel fees apply for any locations outside a 75 mile radius of Menifee


Senior Portrait sessions include a Pre-Consult. How does this work?

Every senior session includes a pre-consultation, where we will go over location and clothing options.  This is very important so that we can ensure that you have every look that you want for your session.  I will ask you to bring all of the outfits including accessories for each of your outfits.  

Each of my sessions allows for a certain number of wardrobe changes; the reason for this is that it allows me to structure the session based on what you’ve chosen to wear. We always start out somewhat natural and move into more funky/colorful clothing – because your makeup will change as your wardrobe does! I always suggest that you choose at least 2 MORE options than what your session calls for so I can help you narrow it down.  Tops that are very loose fitting don’t photograph as well, and too may opposing prints/patterns can get distracting.  Bright jeweled toned colors are really nice in photos.  Don't forget to wear nude under garments.  Jewelry is a must, classic and thin chained jewelry paired with simple earrings look nice.  Try bringing a variety of outfits that show off your true personality: at least one classic outfit + jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, etc.  Mix it up!!  Don't bring the same style or outfit; wearing four dresses over the course of your portraits may not show variety.  If you’d like, I can create a board just for your session and we can collaborate on it; both adding things so we can both see it!


Where will we shoot?

That depends….. on the type of session you book, as well as where YOU want to shoot! If you’ve seen anything on my site that you like, please let me know. I want this to be all about YOU. I want you to feel happy and comfortable in the photos….. we can shoot just about anywhere (sometimes there’s permits involved; sometimes not). If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry – I’ll come up with something awesome.  I do prefer to shoot outdoors.  I love to find new and unique locations.  If you have a cool spot in mind, take a few photos with your phone and send them to me, so we can brainstorm on cute poses and clothing options.  I am always up for an adventure!

*Additional travel fees apply for any locations outside a 75 mile radius of Menifee.


Why do you prefer to shoot outdoors and not in the studio?

I don’t like my sessions to all look exactly the same – and I am always looking for new locations!  I adore natural light and how a location can change throughout the day. Being out on location also gives us a chance to explore.  I have been on my way to a location and happened to see a new location with beautiful light and pulled over for a few shots.  I love trying new locations!


What happens if it rains?

I know it doesn’t rain all the time, but sometimes, even in California, it rains, and even I cannot control the weather…. yet. (especially in January – March)…..when this happens, we will re-schedule your session for another day/time. If you’re booking in the summer months, this is not as much of a concern; however, if you are booking a BEACH session, keep in mind that it is usually always windy at the beach, and can sometimes be cloudy there as well.  We can work around certain weather conditions, however if it is too windy or too hot, we will re-schedule your session for another day/time.


What should I bring?

Wherever we are (from a wooded area to the beaches to Downtown LA) – you’re going to need water and a couple of snacks. Plan on packing a bag for your wardrobe changes and shoes, as well as smaller bags for jewelry.  I also encourage my seniors to bring comfortable shoes when we are walking around, such as flip flops so you aren't wearing heels everywhere!  Don’t forget to bring your props, such as letterman’s jackets, hats, sports equipment, etc.


Who else can come?

A parent MUST attend the session with you – if Mom or Dad makes you crazy or nervous, that’s fine… they can hang out in the car or read a book while we are shooting but you must have a parent attend.   Plus, this can be great bonding time for you guys!   You will follow me or meet me at the location.  


Can someone else take pictures of me at the same time?

No, additional cameras (other than mobile devices) are prohibited on shoots due to copyrights. Poses and shots that are used for copyrighted images may not be photographed. You are welcome to take some selfies to remember the experience!  We also love it when our clients “take over” our Snap Chat and Instagram accounts!


Where will I change?

I always encourage the girls to wear spandex shorts and a tank top that you can wear under your clothes.  This way it is easier for you to change in public.  Depending on the location, we may not have a bathroom available for you to change you may have to change in your car or my car.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure nobody can see in there! 


Do you shoot cap/gown or drape/tux Senior Portraits for yearbooks?

We do offer a mini session once you receive your cap and gown at the end of the school year, however, you will still need to get these shots done with your school’s contracted photographer if that is what is required for your yearbook. A lot of times the schools offer yearbook ads for the seniors, I can design a custom ad for you if you would like to do this, but make sure you have your session several weeks before the ad deadline.  Please send me the information that the school has requested for the ads and I can make sure that the file sent to the yearbook staff is correct.


Why use a Professional Makeup Artist for your Senior Session??

   WHY? Professional Makeup Artists know how to apply makeup, taking advantage of technical / natural lighting so that skin looks flawless.

   Many times a subtle change of eye, lip or cheek color (to compliment wardrobe change) makes the difference between a “good” and “great!” photo.

We can add professional Makeup and Hair to your session for an additional fee.