Heritage Homecoming 2015 #hoco2k15 #homecoming

What does homecoming mean to you?  

When I think of homecoming, I think of homecoming mums, parades, football games, and of course making sure you have just the right dress that makes you look great!  Or as my daughter says, "does my butt look good in it??" 

We spent two days looking for just the right dress for my daughter.  We traveled from Temecula all the way up to Ontario.  After countless hours of searching and trying on what seemed like hundreds of dresses we found just the right one....FINALLY!!  

The day of the dance came, the girls all gathered to make sure their hair and makeup was perfect.  Of course, my daughter brought all of her makeup to make sure the squad was flawless.  After a full afternoon of getting their nails done, curling or straightening their hair, curling eyelashes and applying just the right makeup they were ready.  

And what better way to start the night off, a mini photoshoot! We had to document the event!  Here are a few of my favorites from the fun photoshoot!

Thank you ladies for letting me be a part of your special night.